Contractors are essential to today’s workforce, enabling companies to quickly fill talent and skill gaps caused by retirements, economic uncertainty and business growth. Not only that, but contractors help companies tap into specialized engineering, technical and other industry talent that may be harder to find through traditional staffing and recruiting avenues.

While contractors help companies get work done better and more efficiently, many companies are justifiably concerned about compliance with changing government regulations on contingent workforce management. This is where ASAP (Allied Staff Augmentation Partners) comes in.

ASAP takes the complexity out of contractor management by hiring the engineering and technical expertise companies need and providing them on a contingent basis. By serving as the employer of record for contractors, we assume the human resources risk for payroll and legal/regulatory compliance, making it simpler for companies to access the staff they need without concern about financial liability or government non-compliance.

Our staff’s combined decades of experience with contractor payroll services for companies including Duke Energy, Progress Energy and The Guidant Group, our deep knowledge of government employment regulations, and our longstanding commitment to exemplary customer service will give you an easy and efficient avenue to the staff resources you need. In addition, ASAP’s package of benefits reduce contractors’ own risks, making them happier and more dependable for your business.

Whether you have a candidate identified, or you need help recruiting the right person for the job, ASAP stands ready to help you locate and employ the contractors you need. Please contact us today to see how we can help.




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